Alexander Forssman

Attorney at law


Due to their previous long-standing inhouse practice in (international) corporations, our attorneys and partners are well experienced. Therefore, we can offer our clients a solution-driven advice, which is deeply rooted in business practice needs.

Outside our home jurisdiction, we cooperate with carefully selected specialists from allied foreign law firms, we have a longstanding relationship with. The same holds true for practice areas falling outside the scope of our core competence. Devoted to high quality standards, the clients thus benefit from comprehensive and personal legal advice.

In addition, we dispose of a long-standing and well-proven network of non-legal consultants in the fields of data protection, IT, media and internet from European and non-European countries. These cooperations are built on personal relationship, professional respect and confidence, acquired over the course of numerous joint projects. Added to this will be a common quality standard and a constant availability. This allows us to provide transnational and interdisciplinary solutions to the advantage of our clients.

We can assemble the team, that produces the solution you need.


Our particular expertise is in the areas of data protection, IT and corporate law, with an emphasis on smaller businesses in their 1st and 2nd stage. Thereby, we provide entrepreneurial, solution-driven advice and develop flexible strategies to meet practical requirements. We offer a multi-discipline approach which covers legal and business aspects.

We put special emphasis on the evolvement of a close and long-lasting partnership with our clients. In doing so, we can better understand their way of thinking and their needs and provide appropriate counsel based on mutual trust. The cornerstone of our joint success will be a long-lasting and trustful relationships.

We serve our clients with their activities in Germany and Europe, advise them on cross-border transaction and support them with their first-time entry into the European market.

We won´t tell you what´s impossible – we will work with you to achieve it.


In our approach to consulting, we see the business imperatives. We understand the need for practical and commercial advice and are used to thinking laterally to deliver it. Pragmatic, not abstract or legalistic – we know that we are judged on commercial grounds. Therefore, our objective is to always deliver effective solutions – to give you advice you can put into action. Often, that takes real innovation. But we like to come up with fresh ideas and new ways of doing things. In a competitive market, that can make the difference to your success.

In this respect, the intense exchange with our partners will ensures, that we´re able to perceive new legal and non-legal developments early to process them into innovative concepts.

We believe, that the disposition to set out on new paths will be key to long-term success. This applies both to our professional work as well as to our consultancy services.